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About Me


My name is Millie, the founder and creator of MiNutrition. I'm a certified (member of ANP and GNC) Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. For years I battled with terrible period pain and abdominal pain, which eventually lead to me being diagnosed with endometriosis. Confused as to what this meant for me, I turned to nutrition as a way of trying to help myself. When I saw changes after years of struggling, I felt so empowered to study the science behind the use of food as a way of supporting hormonal health. What I learnt amazed me and showed me how powerful nutrition can be. This led to the creation of MiNutrition. I wanted to create a nurturing place to help those struggling with hormonal health and similar conditions. 

If you are interested in seeing me get in touch by booking in for one of my free connection calls. I look forward to speaking with you! 


Millie x

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